The Touch is one of the most advanced & Boutique Gynae center for all ambitious and wishful gynecologist and embryologist who desire to have a great career in infertility.The Touch is facilitated with the most advanced and latest equipment’s along with the most qualified and eminent team of senior gynecologist.

Hands on IUI Training Programme

Course objective

This course is ideal for beginners and aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in sperm handling & preparation techniques.With our guided training, this course will help the applicants to understand the sperm processing techniques & would also learn to perform the same.

A comprehensive course which involves stimualtion protocols for IUI and Semen Processing. The Trainees will be given hands on training of semen preparation. This is targeted at clinicians/embryologist or candidates who would want to venture into reproductive medicine.

Eligibility Criteria

Doctors, embryologist or candidates with any other life science background can apply for this training.


  • Overview of male & female Infertility.
  • Stimulation protocols, monitoring, semen preparation techniques & Insemination techniques.
  • Routine semen analysis.
  • Microscopic examination for count & motility using Makler Chamber.
  • Demonstration of sperm washing techniques(Density Gradient & Swim up methods).

For enrollment, download the “Hands on Training-IUI” from our website and submit it online.
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