IVF Speciality Hospital in Chandigarh

If you are hunting for the IVF specialty hospital in Chandigarh, remember you are among many others who are searching. Yes, there are many couples who have successfully conceived via IVF and IVF is beating the infertility rates rapidly.
With medical intervention, you can have a baby and enjoy parenthood. This is possible with the help of best infertility centers and best IVF specialists like Dr. Preeti Jindal who help their patients get their dreams fulfilled.

IVF is for you if
• If the conception doesn’t happen even after trying to conceive for say around two years and not been able to find the reason for not conceiving.
• If the fallopian tubes are damaged/blocked
• Tried fertility medications or IUI but wasn’t successful
• Partner facing sperm-related issues
• Eggs responsible for failure


IVF process
When it comes to performing IVF process, Dr. Preeti Jindal in her clinic follows a step by step process that includes

The doctor examines your overall health, age, the lining of uterus, etc and help you know the success rate of IVF

Fertility drugs are used to stimulate your ovaries in order to develop mature eggs for fertilization. With the help of hormone injections and medications the chances of getting more eggs increase which directly increases the success rate of IVF treatment.

Fetching eggs and collection of sperms
The doctor carries out ultrasound to check if the eggs can be collected.

Transfer of Embryo
The fertilization results in formation of embryos and then they are moved to uterus by monitoring the process through ultrasound.
It takes around 14 days to confirm the pregnancy.

Time required for IVF treatment
The time required to complete one IVF cycle is around 3-4 weeks

With the help of friendly and trained staff IVF speciality hospital in Chandigarh carry out IVF process with dedication and commitment. Their main objective is to help the patients in every possible way. They care for their patients and understand the emotions they go through before the IVF treatment.
Dr. Preeti Jindal believes in discussing the IVF process with her patients in detail and let them know the success rate after a thorough health check up. It helps patients take the necessary steps towards the treatment with confidence.
The faith in doctors can help you sail through the IVF treatment successfully. The doctors will help you get the right counselling prior to the IVF procedure.