Menopause Symptoms?

What do you mean by Post Menopause period?

Post menopause actually means the period or years that a woman faces in her life after menopause. In medical terms it is defined as the period when a woman oesn’t get her menstrual periods almost for a year.

What are Post Menopause Symptoms?

You may be entering into the period of menopause if you start experiencing a few or all the symptoms as mentioned below.

  • Hot flashes (a sensation of warmth commonly experienced over neck, chest
    or face.
  • Night sweats /cold flashes or both
  • Dryness is Vagina that results in painful sex.
  • Urinary urgency- It is need to urinate often

What stage is referred as Post Menopausal?

Perimenopause is stated as the period of 8-10 years before menopause when your ovaries start producing less estrogen. Menopause is the stage where you stop getting your normal periods for a year. Postmeonpause is the period where you do not get periods for 12 months or more.

Do Symptoms of Menopause disappear?

Most symptoms seen in menopause remain permanent, except in cases where woman choose to take some medications or hormones. Hot flashes normally exist for about 2 years, but in some women (15-20%) they stay for lifetime. Another problem that women can encounter is sleep disturbances.

How to manage Menopausal Arthritis?

  • Try to manage your weight.
  • Engage in exercises like yoga, biking and swimming.
  • Include a balanced diet in your daily routine comprising of nutrients like Vitamin Dand calcium.
  • Opt for anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB).

What do you mean by a Menopause Belly?

Try to learn methods that help combat “menopause belly” with a proper diet and regular exercise. This is also termed as menopause belly, which occurs due to hormonal changes or modifications in diet and exercise. A drop in estrogen levels results in accumulation of fat especially in abdominal area. It can also affect the ability of your body to burn fat.

How much Weight is gained on an average during Menopause?

When it comes to the weight changes that take place during menopause, the estimated weight gain is around 1-2 Kgs (2-5lbs) on an average which is 8 during perimenopausal changes. On the other hand some women gain more weight than the average weight.

How to Lose Weight gained During Menopause?

  • Include enough proteins in your diet.
  • Dairy product should be included in your diet
  • Consume foods which are high in soluble fiber.
  • Switch to green tea.
  • Get into healthy eating habits

Some of the additional tips mentioned below can help you lose weight during menopause or even for normal weight loss at any age.